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GIG Karasek Company


GIG Karasek is a global provider of high-quality process design and turnkey industrial plant engineering in the field of thermal separation technologies.


GIG Karasek has realised pilot plants, skid units up to turnkey industrial plants on an EPC basis worldwide.

All our planet

is full of liquid industrial (waste) streams and impurified liquids. On a daily basis, we are faced with high pollution, low product qualities, and energy-intensive processes, in industrial environments, which lead to problematic situations on a global scale. Through harnessing energy-optimized thermal separation technologies, it is possible to separate liquids through their different boiling points and thermal behavior. Technologies such as evaporation, distillation and drying, can be used to concentrate waste streams, distillate valuable solvents, recover essential medias or dry sludges to obtain solid materials.

By implementing tube and plate type falling film, thin film and short path evaporation technologies, high viscous evaporators, distillation and rectification, as well as drying technologies, almost all media with different viscosities, boiling points, and thermal sensitivities could be processed by GIG Karasek technologies. Centered and deeply rooted in the German-speaking DACH Region, GIG Karasek has been utilizing the most modern technologies and fabrication knowledge over decades which will still be implemented in industrial plants for generations to come.



The headquarters, in Gloggnitz, focus on essential matters with highly experienced craftsmanship and a Pilot Test Centre close to Vienna. The engineering and fabrication center in Attnang Puchheim, is situated in a highly industrialized area in Austria. Lastly, the engineering office in Graz is situated in the city of research and technology where GIG Karasek engineers can deliver the best available technologies worldwide. By employing highly talented, experienced senior personnel and a global sales network, all industrial plant solutions can be realized successfully in pulp, food, agro, chemical, fibre and pharmaceutical industries.



Since August 2016, GIG Karasek is part of the Dr. Aichhorn Group which focusses its endeavors on cultivating companies in the capital goods industry and promoting their optimal development. Since April 1st, 2020, the fortunes of the company have been controlled by Julia Aichhorn and Andreas Schnitzhofer.

The main focus lies on strengthening and further expanding GIG Karasek’s position as your competent partner for challenging process and plant solutions in the fields of evaporation, distillation & drying.



Concentrating the Essentials.

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Range of Services
  • Process Development, Research & Development
  • Planning & Construction
  • Apparatus manufacturing
  • Plant construction & Installation
  • Commissioning & Service



We produce all key equipment under strict quality controls in our own factory. Your advantage is that you started from basic engineering through manufacturing and mounting only one partner for the implementation of your projects.



The success and development of GIG Karasek was only possible with the permanent idea of developing technologies for tomorrow. Existing was constantly improved and new invented, not only to satisfy the customers, but also to make a valuable contribution to the future.


Whitepaper Biodiesel

How to safely achieve blending quality in biodiesel production. 




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The focus is on product purity, environmental compatibility and minimal energy requirements.