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Small-size complete plants for trials and production of minimum quantities

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Short-path evaporation miniplant by GIG Karasek


Thermal separation in a compact format

A small-scale complete plant – a so-called miniplant – closes the gap between laboratory equipment and production plant but features the same functionality as an industrial-scale plant. It can be applied for on-site trials at the customer’s production site and for production of minimum quantities of a certain substance.
In 2023 GIG Karasek finalized its first short-path evaporation miniplant. It is operated under high vacuum and thus is perfectly suited for evaporation of heat-sensitive and highly viscous substances. Application examples are the cleaning of substances by distillation (for materials which cannot be separated by conventional thermal processes) as well as the recovery and production of valuable materials.


  • On-site trials
    Test your product at your production site!
  • Production of minimum quantities
  • Versatile and multifunctional
  • Plug-and-play principle
    Not water connection necessary
  • Applicable for heat-sensitive and highly viscous substances
  • Suitable for explosive substances
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to compact size
  • Ongoing data collection
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) features as an option
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Technical Center / Pilot Plants



Advantage through innovation

Get to know new processes and convince yourself of innovative approaches: Our Technikum team will introduce you to the secrets of future-oriented process technology or develop new process steps as tailor-made special solutions explicitly for your challenges. Because only long-term and sustainably operated research and innovation activities provide the necessary results to be able to optimize the processes of our customers in the future.

  • laboratory tests
  • pilot tests
  • test reports incl. Scale Up
Test your product on a small scale

Many products require the definition of the optimal plant configuration and the inspection of the operating data. GIG Karasek offers you the uncomplicated possibility to test-produce your product on our laboratory-scale equipment. Instead of off-the-shelf technology, we realize customized scalable systems tailored to your processes and research goals.


Pilot Plants close the gap between laboratory and production facilities.  We also offer perfect solutions here.

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The product is distributed continuously over the entire circumference of the heating wall. Using special wiper elements the wall contact is renewed constantly and the product stream simultaneously transported. The blades do not touch the heating jacket, but prevented crusting or clogging of the heating surface by massively built, arranged with defined gap wiper elements.