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Code of Conduct Statement

Economically successful and sustainable conduct and social responsibility are two inseparable goals of our company. Responsible and ethical behavior towards colleagues, business partners, the company and our environment are an inherent part of our system of values here in the Dr. Aichhorn Group and in its subsidiaries.


This is put into concrete terms in the Dr. Aichhorn Group Code of Conduct. It goes without saying that we conduct our business in compliance with laws and regulations. Violations are not only inconsistent with our values; they are also harmful to our reputation and can lead to significant legal consequences. Individuals who act in an unlawful manner or who even enrich themselves at the expense of the company, cause damage to everyone in the company: the owner, the company management, and the staff. Such behavior reduces economic success and the company’s ability to invest and grow, and can ultimately jeopardize the jobs it provides.

The Code of Conduct, as a common guideline for the decisions we make and the actions we take, sets binding minimum standards for responsible behavior towards business partners and the general public, as well as for our behavior within our company. By providing awareness of the legal risks, it helps us to prevent any violations of relevant laws. All of us—the staff, the management, and the owner—are obliged to comply with the fundamental principles set here. This Code is binding for the group itself and all of the companies that are controlled by the Dr. Aichhorn Group

Code Of Conduct