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Short Path Evaporator


Gentle evaporation for universal applications


Wide performance range for temperature-sensitive substances

Short Path Evaporator
Short Path Evaporator
Scheme-Short Path Evaporator

The GIG Karasek short-path evaporator impresses with a particularly wide performance spectrum in the field of gentle evaporation technology for sensitive substances.

This special apparatus is able to achieve an extremly fine vacuum for distillation at pressures down to 0.001 mbara. It is based on the same powerful principle as the Thin Film Evaporator.

The subtle difference lies in the built-in condenser of the short-path evaporator, which greatly minimises the path of the vapours to the condenser and leads to an even shorter and thus gentler evaporation process.


Short Path Evaporator




The short-path evaporator works on the same high-performance principle as the thin-film evaporator. The difference is that it has an integrated condensor. As a result, the path of the vapors to the condenser is extremely short, which is why it gets its name.

Fields of application

Short path evaporators are mainly used for distilling low viscosity products at low process pressures (0.001 – 1 mbara):

  • Distillation of oils
  • Separation of extracts
  • Obtaining fatty acids, derivatives or semi-volatile flavorings and flavorings
  • Distillation of vitamins
  • Low pressure loss despite high evaporation rate
  • Gentle evaporation and therefore suitable for the distillative purification of many substances that would not be conventionally separated by thermal processes
  • High boilers do not reach the condenser thanks to efficient mist eliminators


Temperature Range: ≤ 390°C

Vacuum: ≥ 0,001 mbar

Feed: 10 kg/h to 20.000 kg/h 

Viscosities: up to 10 Pa.s (in special cases up to 1000 Pa.s at 20°C operating temperature)