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Thin Film Evaporator



Special solution for demanding tasks


The right type of rotor for every task

Scheme-Thin Film Evaporato

The thin-film evaporator made of high-quality materials delivers the highest performance and can separate even the most sensitive products into required quantities. Depending on the production or product requirements, we develop customised solutions.

Their core: individually selected evaporators with perfectly adapted rotor types. We have a variety of different rotor and wiper blades. Through individual consultation we will find the perfect solution for your application.


Thin Film Evaporator




The thin-film evaporator consists of a cylindrical, mechanically precisely machined heating surface with external heating and an internal rotor. The substance mixture is distributed over the circumference of the head by means of a rotating distributor system and flows downwards on an evaporator wall heated from the outside with steam or thermal oil. In this case, a uniform distribution and a liquid film is mechanically generated by means of wiper elements. Vortexes form highly turbulent heat transfer zones on the wiper blades, which, in addition to the good heat transfer achieved, also ensure a constant renewal of the product coming into contact with the heating surface. The result is a gentle evaporation process, which ensures product quality through the shortest possible contact with the heating surface and thus minimized temperature stress.


Field of Application

Our thin-film evaporators can be used both for concentration and for the purification of valuable substances. Exactly adapted to your requirements, the devices are particularly suitable for the following service areas:

  • Concentration of temperature-sensitive substances
  • Concentration of high viscous substances
  • Concentration of structurally viscous substances
  • Distillation of low boilers valuable substances
  • Purification by distilling off valuable products from high-boiling components
  • Special applications such as Reboiler for rectification plants

  • Individual selection and adaptation of the optimal rotor type
  • Short residence time of the product
  • Gentle evaporation
  • Good heat transfer even with high viscous or heavy soiled media
  • No additional lubrication required
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Short downtime and assembly time during maintenance / inspection
  • Reduced risk of corrosion by using suitable materials
  • Turbulent heat and mass transfer through the thin, constantly renewed film


Temperature Range: ≤ 390°C

Vacuum: ≥ 1 mbar abs.

Feed: 10 kg/h to 20.000 kg/h 

Viscosities: up to 10 Pa.s (in special cases up to 1000 Pa.s at 20°C operating temperature)