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CO2 utilization technologies


partner for process solutions for the production of valuable substances from CO2


From technology prototyping to commercialization and industrialization developments

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With about 90 years of plant construction experience, GIG Karasek provides its customers with a revolutionary technology that transforms captured CO2 into value-added products that today are manufactured from geosphere carbon.

By using captured CO2, water, and renewable energies, GIG Karasek helps its customers build individual-made plants to improve the CO2 balance of their companies or, ideally, to balance it out in order to save costs and meet carbon neutrality goals. 

GIG Karasek differentiates itself from competitors by offering a complete solution through using a specially designed catalyst, a suitable reactor cell, and cell peripheral engineering, as well as integrating well-founded, advanced process know-how for downstream concentrating of recyclable materials. 





  • Alkohol / Wasser
  • Lösemittel / Wasser
  • Lösemittel / Fettsäuren
  • Trichlorethylen / Öl
  • Lösemittel / Wasser aus Spinnbad für Faserindustrie
  • Alternative Treibstoffe
  • Methanolabscheidung aus Kondensat der Eindampfanlage
  • Methanol / Wasser
  • Ethanol / Wasser
  • Aceton / Wasser
  • Butylacetat / Wasser
  • Butylalkohol / Wasser
  • Glycerin / Wasser
  • Milchsäure / Wasser


  • kontinuierliche Betriebsweise
  • energetisch günstiger als eine Destillation
  • platzsparend
  • technisch weniger aufwändig
  • Mehrstufige Anlagen
  • Mechanische Brüdenverdichtung
  • Thermische Brüdenverdichtung
  • Packungen
  • Böden
  • Füllkörper
  • Fallfilmverdampfer
  • Dünnschichtverdampfer
  • Zwangsumlauf
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The product is distributed continuously over the entire circumference of the heating wall. Using special wiper elements the wall contact is renewed constantly and the product stream simultaneously transported. The blades do not touch the heating jacket, but prevented crusting or clogging of the heating surface by massively built, arranged with defined gap wiper elements.



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Our carbon circular technology can aid your business in stopping emissions from your supply chain and fulfilling carbon neutrality goals quickly and sustainably. Contact us today to learn more.

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CO2 Utilization: When CO2 becomes recyclable again

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