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Gloggnitz, Austria 13.11.2023

GIG Karasek, a member of the Dr. Aichhorn Group, has recently received the certificate issuing the patent for a “Plant for the reduction of carbon dioxide and electrolysis cell”, a step which represents a special milestone for the ambitious team at the “Environmental Technologies” Business Unit.

The two inventors, Dr. Mohammad Rezaei (Head of Business Unit) and Martin Rappold (Project Manager at GIG Karasek), have developed an innovative process that converts carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels – an extremely effective solution to the global problem of large-scale CO2 emissions.

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“Since Environmental Technologies was founded in 2022, we have made incredibly quick progress. We have developed pioneering technology to combat climate change which represents a paradigm shift in the capture and valorization of carbon dioxide. At the same time, we have forged strong partnerships to significantly accelerate the transformation to an industry which is not reliant on fossil energy sources. I’m extremely proud that our patent application has been successful – it’s testament to our hard work and commitment to a greener future”, said Dr. Rezaei.

The CO2 reduction plant is based on the principle of electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide, which is given off in particularly large quantities in carbon-intensive industries such as cement, biogas, steel and petrochemicals. The newly patented conversion unit uses CO2, water, and electricity in an electrocatalytic process to produce single and multiple carbon compounds – i.e., valuable final products including synthesis gas, ethylene, formic acid, methanol, and fuels.

The patent issued by the Austrian Patent Office covers the specially designed electrolysis cell, the subsequent gas compartment and fluid lines, the system for applying the voltage between the cathode and anode compartment, and the associated process technology.
GIG Karasek has also applied for an international patent.

Rappold explained: “It’s hugely exciting that our innovation has now taken this essential step. This isn’t just about reduction – it’s about transforming CO2 into industrial products which could otherwise only be manufactured using high-grade resources. And our solution has various all-round benefits: it works in mild process conditions, it doesn’t produce any emissions of its own when using electricity from renewable sources, and it doesn’t require an additional supply of hydrogen.”
Dr. Rezaei added: “Our system has the additional key benefit of giving plant operators maximum flexibility. Our multi-chamber cell stacks – i.e., a combination of flow cell and zero gap cell – and the optimized process can produce various gas and liquid products in separate chambers at the same time.”

GIG Karasek has used its long-standing expertise in plant engineering and process technology to develop the CO2 reduction plant, which makes it a reliable partner for delivering customized CO2 conversion solutions in industrial plants.

To find out more about how you can integrate our patented CO2 conversion technology into your processes, contact our team today at: