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CompriVAP Industrial Heat Pump Solution


On the way to decarbonization with industrial waste heat utilization




Reduction of primary energy demand and operating costs with the CompriVAP system



In times of global changes related to decarbonization and the availability of sustainable energy, we are intensifying our commitment for more sustainable industry processes.


We support our customers when it comes to:

  • Reduction of energy consumption and    dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reuse of waste heat streams for plant-internal or external processes
  • Significant increase of plant efficiency

In energy-intensive industrial sectors a significant portion of the energy used is still largely discarded as unused waste heat via exhaust steam or wastewater. Furthermore, cooling down/additional energy input is needed for environmental release.


GIG Karasek offers a powerful process to harness the massive potential of surplus thermal energy. Our highly advanced CompriVAP industrial heat pump system recovers and reuses vapor – this is the best and still most commonly used medium for conveying heat in industrial processes.


Functional principle
The CompriVAP system is an industrial heat pump solution that is based on well-established MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) technology and is particularly well- suited for low-temperature waste heat streams. Process steam is drawn in by an electrically operated compressor and raised directly to a higher energy level by increasing the pressure. Heat sources might be warm liquid streams or vapor, which are often not useful as such but still contain a significant amount of energy. 


The type of application, the properties of the heat source and the required parameters of output steam define the specific setup of the system. It might consist of  just one machine or several compressors. When using waste liquid as a heat source, a flashing stage is needed.


  • Reusing waste heat results in a reduction of primary energy demand and subsequently also reduces CO2 emissions
  • Resources are used economically - less fresh steam and cooling water is needed
  • High potential for OPEX savings is a given
  • (Retrofit) installation is straightforward and fast

Why work with GIG Karasek?
We have been experts in industrial equipment and plant construction for decades and have a comprehensive know-how on the installation of several MVR applications in various industries. Our process expertise and the ability to complete various project types – whether it be pilot plants, skid units and turnkey plants on EPC basis – make us the right partner in waste heat utilization.


How we support you:

  • Detailed evaluation of available waste heat
  • Tailored process design comprising open or partly open process circuits
  • Careful selection of compressors from different OEMs
  • Detailed planning of necessary compression stages
  • Fact-based evaluation of CAPEX and OPEX aspects
Our scope of supply includes the following services:
  • Process design
  • Basic- and in-detail engineering
  • Compressors, auxiliary equipment, and spare parts
  • Vapor ducts and piping
  • Flash tank (if needed)
  • Instrumentation
  • Installation and supervision
  • Commissioning and startup support
Team up for industrial waste heat utilization and to achieve decarbonization goals such as the European Green Deal.




  • Alkohol / Wasser
  • Lösemittel / Wasser
  • Lösemittel / Fettsäuren
  • Trichlorethylen / Öl
  • Lösemittel / Wasser aus Spinnbad für Faserindustrie
  • Alternative Treibstoffe
  • Methanolabscheidung aus Kondensat der Eindampfanlage
  • Methanol / Wasser
  • Ethanol / Wasser
  • Aceton / Wasser
  • Butylacetat / Wasser
  • Butylalkohol / Wasser
  • Glycerin / Wasser
  • Milchsäure / Wasser


  • kontinuierliche Betriebsweise
  • energetisch günstiger als eine Destillation
  • platzsparend
  • technisch weniger aufwändig
  • Mehrstufige Anlagen
  • Mechanische Brüdenverdichtung
  • Thermische Brüdenverdichtung
  • Packungen
  • Böden
  • Füllkörper
  • Fallfilmverdampfer
  • Dünnschichtverdampfer
  • Zwangsumlauf
Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 15.54 1

The product is distributed continuously over the entire circumference of the heating wall. Using special wiper elements the wall contact is renewed constantly and the product stream simultaneously transported. The blades do not touch the heating jacket, but prevented crusting or clogging of the heating surface by massively built, arranged with defined gap wiper elements.


Exemplary layout of the CompriVAP industrial heat pump system with a six-stage compressor plant. © GIG Karasek 




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