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Gloggnitz, Austria, 21.09.2023

GIG Karasek has received an order from Sappi to supply a scrubber system for its pulp production process at the Saiccor mill in Umkomaas, South Africa.  

The new scrubber system will reduce the sulfur dioxide concentration contained in the exhaust streams below the requested limit value and will contribute to Sappi Saiccor’s constant efforts for environment-friendly production processes.  

After the successful installation of the world’s largest MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) evaporation plant within the sulfite pulp industry, we are very proud that Sappi Saiccor has again entrusted GIG Karasek with this important order. Our scope of supply comprises basic engineering, scrubber, circulating system and caustic soda storage tank. Start-up is planned for spring in 2024. 

Contact us to learn more: 

GIGKarasek-SappiSaiccor-NewOrder-01Wayne Weston, Director Projects, Sappi Southern Africa Ltd - Saiccor Mill (left) with Philipp Mair-Zelenka, Sales Manager at GIG Karasek GmbH