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Gloggnitz, Austria, 21.12.2023

The range of available IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions is growing at a rapid pace thanks to the fact that digitalization is offering several advantages in terms of plant optimization.

In this context GIG Karasek is presenting its innovative IIoT platform, which was developed specifically for the requirements of thermal separation technology, but also for the new business field of CO2 utilization technology. In parallel and depending on the requirements of the respective customer, it’s possible to combine various smart services for increase of plant efficiency as well as for significant savings as to costs and resources. Flexible financing solutions enable the transition to digitalization without major investments but following a strict data safety framework.


“Intelligent networking of machines and data optimizes the entire production process and enables our customers to increase their operational efficiency to an unmatched level. The IIoT opens the door to real-time information, accurate analytics, and proactive decision-making to maximize plant performance, minimize downtimes, and optimize the total cost of ownership. With GIG Karasek and the IIoT as allies, our customers can confidently shape the future of industrial manufacturing and gain a competitive advantage that sets them apart from the competition."
Andreas Schnitzhofer, Managing Director, GIG Karasek

Learn more about our complete offering:

  • IIoT platform
  • Digital twin – virtual model of a system
  • Condition monitoring – observance and analysis of process parameters
  • Predictive maintenance – for when servicing is needed
  • Optimization as a service (OaaS) – improvement of production sequences and energy consumption
  • Pay per Use- (PPU) and Equipment as a Service- (EaaS) solutions

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